Systemic Therapy and Counseling – Talk Therapy

It sounds very easy, but for most of us it has become difficult – just to feel. Time is scarce, distractions are tempting and there are many responsibilities to be met. And what falls by the wayside? Our inner selves! In the sheltered atmosphere of a counseling session you get space to feel your emotions (again), formulate your longings and express your inner question marks. What has been hidden or unperceived is now allowed to emerge. I employ different methods such as individual and family constellations, work with the inner child, imagination exercises, timelines and other talk therapy techniques. Especially the systemic approach is helpful in understanding and solving even complex coherences.

You can come on your own, as a pair or family. Quite often two or three counseling sessions can be enough to retrieve clarity. But sometimes it can be useful and important to deal with certain issues for an extended period of time – because change takes time….

Burn out & Relaxation

We all know stress. There is necessary, even positive stress which makes us euphoric. The other type of stress is a burden which can keep us awake at night. Do you feel burned out, like your energy has been drained? Are you constantly on an internal fast track? Do you feel like you’ve forgotten how to find some peace of mind? Has your GP talked to you about burnout? Do you feel stressed?

The only thing that can help you now is to slow down, relax and do some mindfulness exercises! Through these empathic exercises in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and special breathing techniques I can support you in lowering your stress levels and regain your inner balance.

Psychotraumatology and Therapy

Was something just too much for you to deal with? Trauma means wound/injury. Injuries take time to heal and this healing process sometimes requires professional support. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to give a detailed account of what happened. If however that should be the case, i can support you with stabilization methods that will provide the firm ground you need in order to re-immerse yourself in feelings you have already gone through. Within this context the “here and now”, the connection with your current life is used as a foundation to help heal your wounds and free yourself from this burden.
Methods such as the “screen” technique, the “Teilearbeit” (Ego State Therapy), Trimb, EMDR and psycho education are employed after a phase of thorough stabilization.


In order to reflect, let off steam, clarify, understand, let go and become stronger, it is helpful to get support from someone professional, attentive and compassionate – on your own or as a team. I am happy to take a closer look at the areas you want to work on with you. I also do home visits.


Together we can create space for your work-related questions and desire for change, unhappiness with your occupation, excessive demands in your job, burn out – untangle and sort through it all. Together we can look for opportunities to get closer to the awareness you have gained and the images you are envisioning.


Your team will continue their education ? You need new input ? I gladly cord you a suitable , individual advanced training package on “systemic therapy and counseling” or “trauma recognize” .

Telephone Counseling

If you’re not in Hamburg, that shouldn’t stop you from engaging in a continuous therapy.
Feel free to call me. Telephone counseling and therapy can offer security and help stabilize you. If you have a good internet connection we can also talk on Skype. +49 40-639 480 13


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