Possible goals of a therapy or counseling might be:

  • Identifying and unleashing unused potential
  • Overcoming inhibitions, blockages and limitations
  • Accepting yourself and strengthening your self-esteem
  • Solving inner conflict
  • Improving your ability to form and sustain relationships
  • Freeing yourself from old or unsatisfying attachments
  • Processing traumatic and burdening experiences
  • Discovering your own identity
  • Checking your goals and reorientation
  • Reflecting upon your life and initiating (a process of) change
  • Getting in touch with yourself
  • Becoming aware of your desires, taking them seriously and realizing them
  • Challenging your belief systems
  • Trusting in yourself and reclaiming your life
  • Balancing stress and relaxation


Mut ist nicht immer ein lautes Gebrüll. Manchmal ist es auch eine leise Stimme am Ende des Tags, die spricht: „Morgen versuch ich es wieder.“

(Mary Anne Radmacher)